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We are perfectly aware that each client is unique, and each problem is different. For these reasons, together with you, we try to settle the most convenient price policy for both parties.

We offer you :

  • Specialists in each financial-accounting field
  • Experience gathered in time from cooperation with companies in various domains
  • Experience in solving crisis situations
  • The certainty that you’ll always be updated on the latest legislative news

Furthermore :

  • You save money with taxes and fees
  • You are protected from legislative point of view
  • You save time by not waiting at the offices and in traffic
  • We will answer immediately to any question you may have, on the phone or by    e-mail
  • You pay the lowest fees in relation with the activity – customized fee system

Flat fees

  •  450 Ron/month for small businesses with reduced activity – 1 employee and maximum 10 invoices per month, unregistered for VAT
  •  900 RON/year for preparing declarations for companies with no activity

Long-term partnerships can be settled based on one of the following options:

  1. Providing monthly services based on a service contract.
  2. Providing services for individual works.
Monthly service contracts are an advantage for both parties. The development of     long-term partnerships supports work continuity in what concerns the approach towards and solving of specific problems, also facilitating prudential counselling, by considering, at the same time, the overcrowding and bureaucratisation of public institutions, as well as the unanticipated legislative changes in due time.